Our domain is native development for Business Critical Solutions

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  • Etnetera Mobile team
  • Etnetera Mobile team
  • Etnetera Mobile team

How We Work

  • Beginning


    We use workshops to present our clients with the latest trends and technologies. They can try the latest wearables and virtual reality technologies for themselves. We demonstrate everything that’s possible and what we could be able to create together.

    We then propose an optimal solution depending on the type of product. We can go the route of multi-platform, hybrid, or fully-native applications.

    Before we start development, we undertake a thorough user survey to acquire important data for development.

  • Work

    Agile Development

    A team of developers then begins creating prototypes in an agile framework where teammates are in constant communication with one another. We bypass change requests, accelerating the process and making it much more effective.

    The prototypes are then carefully put through their paces, both manually and using automated testing, which uncovers any possible errors and leads to further improvements. Once these are incorporated, the final version of the app is ready to go.

  • End?

    We Stick Around

    We don’t abandon our clients once development has finished.

    Together with our friends at Etnetera Group, we help launch the application so it reaches the right users.

    But we’re not done even after that. We continue to oversee the app according to a service-level agreement and can continue to work to develop and improve it.


Custom Development for

Android, iOS, and  Windows

  • Native development, Xamarin and others
  • Wearables: Wear OS, watchOS
  • Smart TVs: Android TV, tvOS
Etnetera Mobile team
Etnetera Mobile VR development

Development of Games and Applications for

Augumented and Virtual Reality

  • Google DayDream
  • UNITY Development
  • Development in the Unreal Engine

Our team

The fastest-growing Etnetera Group division

  • 27


  • 20+

    million downloaded apps

  • 20+

    years of Etnetera Group experience

Etnetera Mobile team
  • Miloš Felix Etnetera Mobile
    Mobile Division Leader

    Miloš Felix

  • Jiří Zoudun Etnetera Mobile
    Team Leader & iOS Developer

    Jiří Zoudun

  • Jan Čislinský Etnetera Mobile
    Lead iOS Developer

    Jan Čislinský

  • Radek Bien Etnetera Mobile
    Lead Android Developer

    Radek Bien

  • David Mařák Etnetera Mobile
    Lead VR Developer

    David Mařák

  • Ondřej Franek Etnetera Mobile
    SCRUM Master & Project Manager

    Ondřej Franek

  • Mobile Division Leader

    Miloš Felix

    Miloš began his career right after secondary school as a freelance designer and Flash animator. He used the money he made to buy a Mac and an iPhone in 2007. He programmed his first iOS app, “Hello World,” in 2008. He’s since expanded his horizons beyond just programming, performing creative work at a digital agency and leading large tams working on extensive projects. Milos was attracted by our corporate culture and became the co-founder of our mobile division, which he now leads.

  • Team Leader & iOS Developer

    Jiří Zoudun

    Jirka started developing mobile apps during his university studies, creating his first application as part of his bachelor’s degree. The app awoke the interest of our HR department and he soon joined the team. Over time, Jirka began to take up AR/VR and multiplatform mobile development on top of his hobby, which is the Internet of Things. In 2017, he realized he enjoyed using his soft skills, entering and winning the competition to become team leader.

  • Lead iOS Developer

    Jan Čislinský

    Číslo, as he known around the office, first got interested in iOS in 2013 when he bought his first iPhone. As a perfectionist, he was amazed by iOS and decided to become a developer for the platform. He joined the Etnetera family in 2015 and helped bring the Prima PLAY, O2 Extra Výhody, Viaplay, and Fortuna apps to life. He also produced his own app called Zvednout to?

  • Lead Android Developer

    Radek Bien

    Radek graduated from the Czech Technical University (ČVUT) with a degree in computer graphics and joined Etnetera a year later. He began experimenting with native apps in 2014 and joined the newly-forming mobile division a year later where he is now the Android technology leader.

  • Lead VR Developer

    David Mařák

    David took up mobile development in 2013 when he gradually acquired experience with Windows Phone, Xamarin, iOS, and Android, where he remained for a while. David joined Etnetera as an Android developer in 2016 with an interest in Android TV and experimenting with AR and VR applications, joining the VR Ateliér that same year. The work was so engaging that he started to focus on AR/VR and now leads the development of AR/VR applications.

  • SCRUM Master & Project Manager

    Ondřej Franek

    Ondřej has worked on software projects since 2015. During his studies, he realized the best digital products are developed by agile teams. At Etnetera, he was able to prove that iteration, backlog, and sprint have their place in real-world development. He joined Etnetera’s mobile division in 2016 as a project manager and his role in the team was later expanded to also become the SCRUM Master and a some-time analyst. Ondra strives to support the agile spirit of the team and transfer this way of thinking to the client.